Courtlands Independent Special School is a new school based in Goring committed to educating boys and girls with a range of special educational needs, including:

·         Specific Learning and Language based difficulties - including dyslexia,

·         Language and Communication difficulties- including high functioning ASC and associated behaviour difficulties

·         Moderate Learning Difficulties.

Courtlands offers a bespoke curriculum to meet the academic and personal developmental needs of its pupil by building on the strengths of each child, and providing a rich variety of educational experiences and therapy. Through our therapists and experienced staff, we aim to deliver a high quality education and a series of individualised support and intervention programmes that will enable pupils to overcome many of their personal difficulties and to be better prepared and more confident about their next steps after school.

Set in four acres of a tree lined formal garden, and located in a quiet residential housing area, the school is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment and in the process of seeking registration with the DfE for 21 pupils aged 11 to 14. Built to a high specification, the school expects to be open in September 2023, and has both specialist and general use classrooms that takes advantage of the latest assistive technology. The school will have a range of therapists and experienced staff who will deliver a high quality education and intervention programmes.


Courtland special school wants to provide the highest quality educational experience for every child by maximising their existing skills, closing the gap between current levels of attainment and achieving maximum potential, developing confidence, and improving life chances.

This will be accomplished by utilising Courtlands Core Values: Celebrating. Opportunity. Reflection. Encouragement.

By Celebrate we mean that everyone:

·         Will recognise even the smallest success

·         Sees mistakes as learning points

·         Will share success and help build confidence

·         Sees that success is individual and valued

·         Will celebrate attainment, progress, individuality, and diversity.


By Opportunity we mean that everyone:

·         Has a pathway for their future planned using their strengths

·         Takes the time to allow the individual to grow and progress

·         Will find creative solutions towards independence and personal growth

·         Will optimise learning through bespoke packages of learning and social development

·         Considers their own strengths and sets personal goals for improvement

·         Pursues individual interests in a manner which broadens horizons

By Reflection we mean that everyone:

·         Takes time to understand their achievements and make improvements

·         Uses data and outcomes to make plans for further improvement

·         Explores their interaction and reactions and finds ways to move forward

·         Uses the skills of their peers and teaching team to make changes

·         Takes ownership of their journey through the school and beyond

By Encouragement we mean that everyone

·         Is proud of personal achievement and can share with others

·         Will develop a sense of self-belief that will allow them to become confident in taking next steps and building for the future.

·         Will be encouraged to belong to the school and to work positively and collaboratively with others.

·         Will set targets that are aspirational and motivational

·         Establishes a greater understanding of social interactions and wider life skills

·         Makes best use of their talents, time and available resources

History of Courtlands House from 1906

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